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What happy mums have to say about us

See what our satisfied mom’s have to say about their experiences with us!

I am so grateful for discovering hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my second child.

Hypnobirthing changed my perspective about pregnancy and birth; its philosophy empowered me to make the best decision for my body and my baby, resulting in a very powerful birth experience.  I wrote this in hopes that others will benefit from reading about how essential hypnobirthing practices are for modern birthing.


Just wanted to thank you so much again for giving up your own time to offer me the rewind/birth recovery sessions recently.

It really helped me to process my first birth, and realise that the memory/the fear that I have carried and  attached to the birth of my first baby was actually a very short period of what was otherwise a calm and natural labour. It really helped to desensitise the memory.

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Having found the first week of the calm and confident hypnobirthing course very emotionally difficult (just because it triggered lots of emotion), your sessions allowed me to continue with the hypnobirthing course in a positive way and now I feel much more optimistic about a shorter, calmer birth with my second, and am just looking forward to meeting my baby!

Thanks so much again, happy for you to use this as an anonymous testimonial if you still wanted.



Just wanted to say thank you, after receiving a relaxing massage using your labour blend, I slept well after I got home.

Then during the night my contractions started, and Jon called the hospital and we made our way to Mendip Birth suite.  The midwives were amazing and I was amazed to hear that I was 9cm dilated.

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As you remember I told you that I was quite anxious about labour.  As you told me and with the fantastic midwives I made myself a lovely calm and relaxing environment, and Jon was great too.  It then gets a bit blurry, but before I knew it I was pushing and my beautiful baby girl was born.  I cannot thank you enough for all the support that you have given me over the months of receiving your amazing massages, which I’ve been raving about to anyone who will listen.



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