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The Peanut Ball Midwife – Wendy Proctor


About the Peanut Ball

I completed my training with Premier Birth Tools in 2023, and found that I am the only authorised trainer in the UK.  Recently had my course approved by Doula UK.

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The peanut ball is used to teach various positions and is known to provide more room for the baby to pass through the inlet, rotate in the middle pelvis, and exit via the outlet. This can potentially lead to a swifter and more efficient labour and birth. Studies have found that the use of peanut balls can reduce the rate of caesarean sections and, according to the World Health Organization, peanut balls may be an effective tool for changing positions often without disrupting the birthing process.

The enthusiasm I have seen from not only the UK but all over the globe has led to me creating an e-Learning Peanut Ball Training course which you can work through in your own time.

My Learning Management System (LMS) splits the course into Lessons and Topics, with accompanying written explanations and recordings too. The Peanut Ball Positions Slides which provide different postures for each pelvic station will be emailed to you when you have passed the test and assessment, you will also receive an email with a certificate to add to your CPD.

Peanut balls have been around for some time and while they are one of the more recent birthing tools, they can be used with or without an epidural and for multiple aspects of the birthing process. They are not only helpful for providing comfort to the mother, but can also reduce labour pain and shorten the labour itself. A 2011 RCT by Tussey and Botsios on epidurals and peanut balls discovered that the first stage of labour was shortened by over 90 minutes and the second stage by 22 minutes, as well as a decrease in the use of vacuum extraction, forceps, and caesarean birth. Though they only used one type of peanut ball in one position for the study, it is speculated that further reductions could have been made if more positions were tested.

Here is a Podcast from Evidence Based Birth – Cheri Grant from Premier Birth Tools, talking about how Peanut Balls can make a difference as an aid during labour.

FREE Peanut Ball Chart available when you complete the course.

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  • Do you have all four sizes of peanut balls on your unit?
  • Did you know there are now over 50 peanut ball positions?
  • Do you know how to size peanut balls correctly for each patient?

Peanut Ball Training for Birth Workers

We offer various trainings for birth workers

In-Person Peanut Ball Training Course for Birth Workers

Group booking, minimum of 15 participants price £1275 for hospitals or groups in England.  For Scotland and Ireland price on application, as a flight may need to be booked. for Universities price on application. This  includes:

  • Peanut ball slides on completion of the assessment
  • Access to the e-Learning Peanut Ball training course for Birth workers
  • Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Guideline for Hospitals
  • Cascade Training offered
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Group e-Learning Peanut Ball Training Course

In response to financial limitations, modifications have been made to my maternity hospital training offerings.

This group online training course has been added, which includes comprehensive instructional videos on the use of the peanut ball, as well as written and audio explanation. The course also covers biomechanics and biodynamics within birthing physiology.  There is a Quiz and Assessment and  successful completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your portfolio of CPD training for revalidation.

Group booking, minimum of 10 participants price per group of 10 is £450, then £45 for each additional participant. This price includes:

  • Access ot the e-Learning Peanut Ball training course for Birth workers.
  • Q&A Group Zoom for upto 1 hour.
  • A set of Peanut Slides emailed after succesful competion of the quiz and assessment.
  • Certificate of completion

My ultimate goal behind these modifications is to make training accessible and affordable for maternity hospitals. By offering a range of options, hospitals can choose the training format that best suits their needs and budget. Whether it’s the group online training course, individual on-line or my in-person training, these options provide valuable insights and equip participants with the necessary tools to enhance their maternity care practices.

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e-Learning Peanut Ball Training Course for Birth Workers

In the comfort of your own home, and in your own the time, using Crome if using an Apple device, includes pregnancy and labour physiology, videos on how to use the peanut ball, Price per person £85. Click here to access this course.

Course includes the following:

  • Peanut ball research
  • How to care for your Peanut balls, using the correct size peanut ball, storage
  • Contraindications for using the peanut ball
  • Differentiate internal or external rotation of the hips to use in relation to where the baby is in the pelvis with the peanut ball.
  • Basic Peanut ball positions
  • Advanced Peanut ball position
  • Peanut balls positions with epidurals and for labour dystocia
  • Multichoice test
  • Assessment
  • A set of Peanut Ball Slides emailed after sucessful completion of quiz and assessment.
  • Certificate of Completion
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FREE Zoom – Introduction to Peanut Balls for Birth Workers

During this Zoom session I will explain why using peanut balls with couples you support during their pregnancy, labour and birth may help to optimise fetal positioning and shorten their labour.  I will share some research on the effectiveness of using Peanut balls with those who have an epidural. Click on the date that suits you best, to book your place

Peanut Ball Training for Parents

We offer Peanut Ball training for Parents

After you have completed the e-Learning Peanut  Ball Training Course for Birth Workers and pass your assessment, you will be offered the opportunity of getting a discount off the e-Learning Movements in Shorter Labour, Easier Birth Course and teach a practical session.

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