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The cost of living crisis is hitting so many families hard, particulary at this time of year. With this in mind I am looking at options for offering evidence-based courses at affordable prices for all. The biggest cost to everyone who offers antenatal course is the hire of the space and paying someone to teach the course, so many have online courses which after the initial outlay prove more cost effective in the long run.

Mindful Breastfeeding Online course

So we have available Mindful Breastfeeding Online course, for just £9.99 from my shop. This online course can be completed at your own pace, in your time, and you can refer to it at anytime. I feel that it is so important for the health of mother and their baby. The birthing mother also needs the support of their family/partner or friends as well as health professionals such as Midwives/Health Visitors and GP to offer ways to help them in their choice to breastfeed and things to look out for if situation occur in the ‘what if’ section.

KGHypnobirthing Online Parents course

By renowned Hypnotherapist and founder of KGHypnobirthing for just £45. Follow the link.

Confident Parenting Online course

This course is for new parent to help them prepare for the 4th trimester, when their baby is born. Preparing now will help them have a smoother transition into parenthood especially in the first two weeks, which can be overwhelming. Just £9.99 from my shop.

Movements for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Online course

Coming soon this online course is due to be available by end of December. Based on physiology and biomechanics, how the body moves and can help prevent a stalled labour or slow labour, it is fundamental for everyone to understand. The majority of the midwives at North Bristol NHS Trust who work in our birth centres have completed my training in biomechanics. They will continue to offer support and advice if needed to help your labour to progress without intervention unless clinical recommended. Price will be £9.99

Aromatherapy Oils and the safe use in Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatally

This online course is under construction.

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatally

Is at the conception stage!
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