Natural inducing labour methods

All of the below are a general guide only

When you go past your due date it can be quite stressful, not knowing when you will go into labour can be both frustrating and tiring.  The following may help in inducing your labour naturally.

Keeping mobile going for a gentle walk can help facilitate your baby’s decent into the pelvis.  Any upright position where gravity assists the baby to place itself in the ideal position for labour by pressing its head on the cervix helps to release hormones and increases your chance of going
into labour naturally

Sexual intercourse can help to speed up natural labour.  You release oxytocin during intercourse,  which helps in the contraction of the uterus; and nipple stimulation also releases oxytocin, the other is semen which helps to soften the cervix.  After 37 weeks you could perform some nipple
stimulation for 5 minutes each day.

Spinning Babies Parent Class  may help soften muscles and ligaments around the abdomen and pelvis, with regular body balances which you will be taught.  Certain techniques taught may prevent stalled labour, a long latent phase (during the first stage of labour), pain from kicks or wriggles, pelvic girdle pain, constipation, painful ribs, indigestion, heartburn and a delayed labour. See my page  “NEW Spinning Babies Parent Class” for more information.

If you go over your estimated due date, and been advised to have an induction of labour at 40+12, please contact me to arrange an hours appointment, where I will teach you some Spinning babies techniques which may help labour to start sooner by releasing tension around the pelvic area and abdomen.

Aromatherapy and/or massage can help to relax you, and some essential oils can also help.  Essential oils should be avoided in a bath if your waters have broken.

Homeopathic remedies must be prescribed by a trained therapist.

Traditional remedies to start labour e.g. drinking castor oil or having an enema are not recommended

Acupressure as described in detail ‘click’ Natural Induction of Labour – Acupressure