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  • Understand why balance, movement and gravity can help optimise your baby’s position
  • Basic Physiology during pregnancy and birth
  • Gain an understanding of how birth balls & peanut balls can help facilitate your labour
  • Understand how your pelvis can give space for your baby to rotate and descend
  • Learn positions depending on where your baby is within the pelvis
  • Understand both internal and external rotation of your hips to use in relation to where your baby is in the pelvis
  • How Peanut balls positions can help with epidurals
  • Breech and transverse positions
  • Position to optimise space in the pelvis during birth


  • To use the knowledge and confidence in your birth setting if there are signs of your labour slowing down or stopping
  • To use the knowledge and confidence in using peanut ball with an epidural

This course not only is written but also a recorded narrative is there for those who do not like reading from an electronic device. There are many videos throught the course to help you understand the positions being discussed.

I do hope you enjoy the course, and find it helpful and informative.


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