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This online course was written by Ruth Parham, who is one of my hypnobirthing teachers, has a wealth of experience of postnatal care and has trained and practiced as an NCT teacher; and myself, with many years’ experience of both postnatal care and complementary therapies.   

Over the years of running our hypnobirthing course, I have had many enquiries asking me to provide a course covering a range of topics beyond the birth itself.  This course incorporates the suggestions from couples who have given birth, of what they would have liked to have known during their pregnancy.


  • Plan your postnatal recovery
  • Reduce feelings of being overwhelmed
  • May help to reduce postnatal depression
    • Tips to help you both get rest and sleep
    • Feel more confident in caring for your baby
    • Encourages exercise

 After the birth you will be given lots of support and advice from midwives. However, you may not remember it all, and conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends can be confusing.   This course during your pregnancy enables you to prepare for the fourth trimester for both yourselves and your baby.

Our course is evidence based and up-to-date. You can do this course at any time to suit you both during your pregnancy.

There are two lessons on this course Parent Care and Wellbeing and Baby Care and Wellbeing.

Confident Parenting and Baby First Aid

We also a run in-person class for the practical elements, and now includes Baby First for £40 the venue is Cossham Hospital Seminar Room for more information and to book you places please visit, look for the First Aid picture

Parenting course

Then we offer practical session, which is not only fun but also, we discuss how to practically and safely care for your baby.

Bathing your baby – demonstration

Changing clothes and nappies – interactive

Safe sleeping – intereactive

Day to day cleaning your baby – interactive

Slings, how to wear them safely – interactive

And another other things you would like to discuss

Baby First Aid

This class is taught by a qualified First Aid trainer and Midwife – Wendy Proctor

The course is to educate and give you the confidence to administer first aid to your baby whilst waiting for professional attendance if needed.

The course contents include Paediatric First Aid booklet plus:







Febrile seizures

Meningitis awareness

Venue: Cossham Hospital Seminar Room – This evening course is over two x 2 hour sessions, covers all practical aspects of caring for your newborn and preventative safety measures plus Baby First Aid.

Postnatally this Baby First Aid is a standalone class for 2 hours Price £20 or £40/couple. My refresher private class is 1 hour from my home. Price £20 or £40/couple

Book your postnatal places by following this link

Look our In-Person Confident Parenting and Baby First Aid Course



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