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Hire Equipment

Are you ready to rock your labour and have the most empowering birth experience?
Well, get ready to meet your new best friends: Peanut Balls, TENs machine, Birth ball, and a Rebozo!

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a professionally researched tried and tested method pain management in childbirth.

The TEN’s unit is an advanced, small battery powered device which sends a pulsed electrical stimulus via pads to the skin.

There is no harm to your baby when you use a TENs machine, and it is easy to use and non-invasive. In addition, it can be used with other methods of pain relief. Effortless, long-lasting pain relief without side effects or drowsiness. Boost button allows full control. It includes a spare battery, instructions, pain-relief booklet and a set of pads.

How soon can I use it?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, you are considered to be in term labour, and some babies do arrive early.  TENs machine can be rented for 5 weeks starting at 37 weeks. To hire my TENs machine cost is £30.  I will send you my bank details if you wish to hire, and once payment is received, you can pick up from my home in Montpelier, Bristol.  If you return the unit in working order within two weeks of your baby’s birth, a returnable deposit of £10 will be refunded to your bank account.

To hire a TENs machine please contact me via email on, I will send you the hire agreement form and arrange a date for your to collect.

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Standard Package

These must-have birth aids are going to revolutionise your birthing journey and make it an unforgettable one.  Let’s start with the Peanut balls. These amazing tools are specially designed to provide optimal support and comfort during labour. Shaped like a peanut, they help open up your pelvis and encourage the baby to descend into the birth canal. Not only do they make contractions more manageable, but they also promote efficient labour progression.  Detailed course on Peanut balls and how to use them in pregnancy and labour can be found in my shop

Now, let’s talk about the birth ball. This versatile piece of equipment also a fantastic tool for labour. Sitting on a birth ball helps open up your pelvis, allowing for optimal positioning of the baby. It also provides excellent support for squatting and rocking movements, which can help ease the intensity of contractions.  How to use the birth ball effectively is also in the above course.

Last but not least, we have the Rebozo. This traditional Mexican shawl has been used for centuries to support women during childbirth. It can be used in various ways, such as providing gentle counterpressure on your lower back during contractions or helping with optimal positioning of the baby. The Rebozo is not only practical but also symbolic of the strength and resilience of women in labour.  Learn how to use the rebozo with my e-Book which will be sent to you

Standard Hire from 36 weeks, price is £50 plus £20 refundable deposit when all items are return within two weeks of your baby’s birth in working/good condition.

Home Birth Package

Home Birth Hire from 36 weeks includes up-to 3 Peanut balls, plus the TENs machine, Birth Ball and Rebozo, plus a blend of Aromatherapy massage oils for your Labour with Lavender, Frankincense and Jasmine essential oil. Free access to my Movements in Pregnancy, Labour and Birth for Parent/s course. Price £70 plus £20 refundable deposit when hire items are returned within two weeks of your baby’s birth in working/good condition.

So, get ready to rock your labour with these incredible tools! Whether you choose to use one or all of them, they are sure to enhance your birthing experience and make it a journey to remember. Embrace the power of peanut balls, TENs machines, birth balls, and Rebozos and get ready for the most empowering birth!

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