Birth trauma recovery/ Support Baby Loss and Miscarriage

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Birth trauma recovery 

Thinking positively about your birth experience

For many, giving birth can be traumatic, leaving them filled with negative emotions. Even if those feelings stem from a long time ago, Rewind Therapy can help neutralise those thoughts, freeing you to think positively about your child’s birth, and enjoy parenthood to the full.

This is a 3-step process that will help lift feelings of post-traumatic stress. Often two or three sessions are needed to activate your own natural healing ability through deep relaxation, and guided use of your memory and imagination.

Freeing a person from these symptoms can help them to create an opportunity to think positively about their birth experience – which will still be remembered, but no longer provoke anxiety.

Being a parent can always be challenging, but after the therapy everything is easier to deal with – when there is peace and calm, where there may once have been turmoil and panic.


Just wanted to thank you so much again for giving up your own time to offer me the rewind/birth recovery sessions recently. It really helped me to process my first birth, and realise that the memory/the fear that I have carried and  attached to the birth of my first baby was actually a very short period of what was otherwise a calm and natural labour. It really helped to desensitise the memory.

Having found the first week of the calm and confident hypnobirthing course very emotionally difficult (just because it triggered lots of emotion), your sessions allowed me to continue with the hypnobirthing course in a positive way and now I feel much more optimistic about a shorter, calmer birth with my second, and am just looking forward to meeting my baby! (Mum, Bristol)

Support Baby Loss and Miscarriage

I have recently completed this additional training module, due to enquiries I have received.  This unique support is a listening service, and also I can help couples to use different types of coping techniques dependent on their individual needs.   A minimum of three sessions using hypnosis which you will receive relaxation MP3’s continue to help you between sessions.

For this service which is very close to my heart, having experienced two miscarriage, I’m offering this as a donation only service.  Please contact Wendy 07940 885436