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Beyond: Help After Baby

Offering you a range of services after the birth of your baby.

After the birth of my daughter I felt very vulnerable and couldn’t quite believe that they were letting me go home to look after and be responsible for our baby!

I felt that I didn’t know enough about how to look after my baby although I attend the classes.  Of course I did but just needed the confidence to use what I had learnt.

We are so lucky to live in Bristol which has many different postnatal groups and activities online, which main purpose it for new mother’s mental health.  Listening to stories from other new mums, makes you realise that its not just you that feels this way or the other.

I wanted to look at therapies which again could help new mothers who may have experienced a difficult birth, recover physically and as well as mentally.  Also, for mums who want to regain their “own self” and end the chapter of maternity, and start their new life as a mother, wife/partner, but themselves too, and believe the range of therapies that I offer can help support you.

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