Natural Induction for Labour – Acupressure

This non-invasive acupressure session will help to prepare your body for labour.  Research has shown that acupressure works with the body; it encourages your body to work better and more efficiently.  It therefore, never over stimulates the uterus or causes a precipitate labour.  As it works with the body, it makes the birth easier and shortens labour in a natural way, and may help to avoid any medical interventions.

It is advisable that the following points are only stimulated from 37 weeks as your body and the baby prepare for labour, by balancing the energy along the meridian in your body.  It is suggested that you use these points enough to learn the location of each of them and are comfortable in using them.  Much speculation over the use of acupressure is unfounded, as mentioned above stimulating these points only works with the body, so if you go into labour after a few days of using these points doesn’t mean that acupressure has induced your labour it cannot make you go into labour if your body is not ready.

When you are post term it is advisable that you use these points more often stimulating each one for greater than 1 minute every hour or two.  Activating them regular may have a more powerful effect and therefore more effective.  Once labour has started you can stop using them, but note the points which are good for calming and pain relief and use these when needed.

With your birth support partner, you will be taught the key acupressure points, so that you feel comfortable locating them and handout given to remind you of the points taught.

Massage techniques for your birth support partner will also be shown.  This helps you to remain relaxed and may also help with pain relief.

Price £25 for 1/2 hour at my home 74 Shaftesbury Avenue, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5LY