TEN’s Machine Hire

A trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a professionally researched tried and tested method pain management in childbirth.

The TEN’s unit is an advanced, small battery powered device which sends a pulsed electrical stimulus via pads to the skin.

The benefits of using a TEN’s machine is there is no harm to your baby, safe and easy to use and non invasive drug free pain control, but can be used with other methods of pain relief. Instant long lasting pain relief, and no side effects or drowsiness.  Fully controllable with a boost button.

How soon can I use it?

When you are in labour from 37 weeks you are classed as term, and some babies do come early.  So you can hire the TEN’s machine from 37 weeks onwards for 5 weeks.

Pay £30, when collected from my home in Montpelier, Bristol.  A returnable deposit £10 when you return the unit in working order.

Contact Wendy to hire you TEN’s machine 07940 885436.