Spinning Babies® parent class






Spinning Babies® parent class

Be better prepared for labour and birth

Spinning Babies® is an organised approach for ease and comfort during pregnancy and childbirth. This 2.5 hour class is unique, and is best started after your NHS antenatal class, or with my Hypnobirthing course which it complements so well. This class focuses on the physiological release of ligaments, fascia and muscle, giving space for your baby to be in the most usual position for birth.

You’ll be taught essential movements that will help you prepare well for progress through labour and birth. You and your birth support partner will learn how to help relieve discomfort during your pregnancy, and to open space in the pelvis during birth for your baby to be born safely. This can also resolve antenatal discomfort and imbalanced alignment that could lead to a difficult birth.

Completing the course means you’ll be prepared to face the intensity and uncertainty of birth with greater confidence.

You can begin this course from 20-weeks right up to your due date, however, the longer you have to practise, the greater the benefit for you and your baby. I run the class from my comfortable home in Montpelier, Bristol, and you will receive an e-book of all the techniques taught, plus handouts.

The price of the course is £75 per couple, with an option to purchase the Daily Essential digital download, click the picture below for £15. Please call Wendy to book your place 07940 885436

Daily Essentials Streaming and Digital spinningbabies.ontraport.com/t?orid=8509&opid=26

If your baby is breech then this eBook has a six day programme that may help your baby turn before you’re offered ECV, for £10.

Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook: spinningbabies.ontraport.com/t?orid=8509&opid=58