Essential robozo class

Robozo picture of colours

This new class is for couples to learn techniques to have a more comfortable pregnancy and labour.

Robozo (Mexican for scarf) can be used during pregnancy and labour to help women loosen up fascia and therefore muscle around the pelvis.  This may provide a smoother and shorter birth experience.

The beauty of this technique is that you can use any long scarf, and you and your partner are shown four ways of how this works. Performed weekly, you will both notice how much more flexible you become. It’s also empowering for the partner who can help in a very positive way of supporting you both in pregnancy and during labour.

What you will learn:

  • All about the pelvis, muscles and ligaments and the role they play
  • Balancing your body during your pregnancy and how this may help you achieve a shorter birth
  • Four robozo techniques for you and your partner to use during your pregnancy and labour for comfort

Please call Wendy on 07940 885436 to arrange this session, which lasts half an hour, and costs £15