Postnatal Recovery Massage

This massage has been specially designed by my Closing of the Bones teacher Sophie Messager, with the addition of Osteopath Teddy Brookes.  Who shared his knowledge and expertise to further develop the massage.

This postnatal recover massage will help to nurture and restore new mothers after birth.  However, this massage is also great for mother’s who may have given birth weeks, months or even years ago.  Aids recovery mentally, physically and spiritually.

The massage is performed on my couch, and covers your lower abdomen, abdomen and chest area.


  • Release of tension in hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck and back.
  • May help to dislodge any remnants of placenta/membranes
  • Treat any common ailment of pregnancy or discomfort
  • May help with constipation/bowel issues after birth
  • May help with headaches and tension in neck and shoulders from breast-feeding

Wonderfully relaxing and nurturing, a great gift for Baby Shower for mum, purchase a gift voucher from the online booking system

The massage last approx 40 minutes and ends with Closing the Bones ceremony to end.  Length of treatment 1 hour Price £35.  Book online using my online booking system