Parenting and Baby Care and Wellbeing course

Parenting and Baby Care and Wellbeing – Price £45 

This course is offered during your pregnancy so that you can start to prepare for caring for yourselves and your baby.  Parents sometimes find parenting overwhelming, and it can be, if you are not prepared.  Yes, you probably already have in mind which cot, moses basket and clothes you would like to buy for your baby, and after the birth you will be given lots of support and advice from midwives however, you may not remember it all.  Also conflicting advice from family and friends can be confusing. 

Our course is evidence based and up-to date. You can attend this course at any time to suit you both during your pregnancy, it will be so helpful to plan your care and recovery so give yourself time before your estimated due date.  You will receive a book Why Postnatal Recovery Matters by Sophie Messager which we will use during session one, it is included in the price.

Venue Cossham Hospital

Parental Care – Session One

We will discuss as a group the four pillars: Rest, Food, Social support and Bodywork and write your own Postnatal Plan

  • Wound care includes perineal pain, tears and c-section scar
  • Immediate care after birth
  • Mother wellbeing: lochia loss, baby blues, postnatal depression
  • Parental bonding/attachment/ sleep deprivation
  • Sleep issues
  • Birth recovery
  • Breast pumps, sterilising
  • Exercise: when do start exercising, diastasis recti, pelvic floor, Postnatal Yoga
  • Postnatal support services

Baby Care and Wellbeing – Session Two

  • Immediate care after birth includes Apgar explanation, and NIPE check
  • Safe sleeping: co-sleeping, SIDs, caring for your baby at night
  • Crying, soothing
  • Nappies
  • Baby Massage the benefits
  • Crying and soothing
  • Baby health and wellbeing:  bathing, skin care, massage, tummy time
  • Babywearing: Sling library and the benefits
  • Lactation Consultant what do they offer
  • Outsourcing support e.g. Doula, Private Midwife, Cleaner, Nanny, Childcare provider

An ebook will be emailed to you after each session, with all information covered and some YouTube videos from different services local to Bristol


June 2021 Wednesday 16th and 23rd 7pm until 9.30pm
July 2021 Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st 7pm until 9.30pm


More dates to follow, please register your interest for future dates.    

Contact Wendy on 07940 885436 or email me on