Mother Blessing



blessing way gatheringA Mother Blessing is a ceremony which puts the mother at the centre of the attention.

Inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony in North America called hoshooji (meaning blessing ceremony).  A ceremony to honour the pregnant mother and her journey to motherhood.  A gathering of her close friends in their home for this one-time event.  To celebrate mothering their upcoming birth journey and to shower them with love, support and encouragement.  To give strength for the journey ahead.

I love that it creates a sense of community and support around the expectant mother.  It makes them feel very loved and special, and it makes everyone who attends feel this way too. I love that it helps put community support in place for after the birth too and that the feeling of belonging lasts beyond the ceremony.

A chose of different activities to make your Mother Blessing as individual as you are.

  • Creating a sacred space with an alter or centre piece, music and aromas
  • Wearing special clothes for the mother and the guests
  • Flowers, candles, drumming

  • Purify the space and people before a ceremony either with smuging with the use of the smoke of sacred plants such as Palo Santo or Sage or essential oil spray.
  • Guided meditation
  • Poem which a guest may like to read
  • Circle of Women song
  • Belly painting, henna or casting
  • Adorning the mother with gifts, flower head-dress, beaded necklace (beads from guests)
  • Mother Blessing Ceremonies – Nightingale Birth Friend

  • Washing of feet and/or massaging of hands

Mother Blessing Ceremonies – Nightingale Birth Friend

  • Collage made on the day or hand prints with words of support and love

  • Fear release, mother can write any fears that she may have, share them to the group, then they are burnt

  • Postpartum pledges
  • Singing, music and drumming
  • Goddess cards – mother and guests pick a card
  • Red thread binding – Using a thread to bind the mother and the guest is a simple yet powerful symbol. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the ceremony that took place, and of the support of the circle of women around the mother until the birth.
  • Candles as gift to the mother and her guests – when you goe into labour, guests get told to light their candles (this can be done with a WhatsApp group for example), and spend a few minutes sending good wishes to the mother whilst she labours

Pregnant Pagan: Mother Blessings and Showers | Author M. A. Phillips

  • Closing the ceremony with food, either a lunch or cake.

If you would like to discuss any of the above suggestions, or want to book your Mother Blessing, please contact me