Hypnobirthing Private Course

Via Zoom or Face to Face Private Course

Hypnobirthing Private course

Knowledge, choice and control of your birth

This amazing course will not only teach you hypnosis for birth, but is a complete antenatal course for and your birth support partner.

KG Hypnobirthing lets you experience the magic and miracle of birth and puts you in charge. Your baby can be born calm and alert as nature intended, able to bond with you quickly, and settle into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns.

You’ll learn how to release any fear or tension, deep relaxation, massage techniques – and gain a better understanding of your choices, putting you in control.

You are more likely to experience a natural, calm and drug-free birth, with a shorter, more comfortable labour; enabling you to have a confident and happy pregnancy.

This is a private course and can be booked on weekday evenings to fit your schedule. It’s tailored to your needs, using some of my 14-years knowledge as a midwife.

The Hypnobirthing element takes a total of 12-hours over several sessions and costs £375 per couple.

Please contact Wendy via email proctorw2002@yahoo.co.uk or mobile 07940 885436 to find out more or to book