Holistic Sleep Workshop

Your baby’s sleep is important for optimal brain development and the growth hormone is produced during deeper stages of sleep.  My aim is for parents to book onto my course, to hopefully minimise the risk of your baby struggling to sleep as they grow and develop.  This course is via Zoom which enables me to keep the cost low.

I’m currently training to be a sleep coach, and during my training I would like to offer parents an opportunity to learn how they can help their baby to optimise their sleep by looking out for sleep cues.  This four week course is offered each month when you baby is from 2 weeks of age.  Each month you will receive an e-book containing all that was taught and includes video too.  Each session is approximately 1 hour, and as a group you can share your stories.

Price for the whole course is just £20, so please book you place now.  My next course starts on 23rd April at 11am.

The following session are at 11am on Friday :-

14th May

25th June

16th July

Contact me to book you place. proctorw2002@yahoo.co.uk or 07940885436