Fertility massage/Womb Massage

Fertility massage and Womb Massage

Supporting you with fertility issues

Having massaged pregnant women for over 15-years and hearing stories of their friends who have struggled with infertility issues, I felt that supporting women at this vulnerable time was something I needed to do.

Using a holistic approach, the sessions cover emotional and spiritual elements. Combining natural fertility charts, a deeply relaxing massage and acupressure, this treatment will support and guide you – and you’ll be taught self-abdominal massage to use between treatments in the privacy of your home.

Fertility Massage can also help with heavy, painful or irregular periods, endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), poor mucus production, poor egg health, digestive complaints, lower back problems, emotional trauma and menopause.

As an experienced aromatherapist I also offer organic essential oils, including those with phytohormonal properties – from plant hormones, which imitate your own that are involved in conception.

The treatment includes a consultation of up to 30-minutes, followed by an hours massage, and costs £50. Follow-up sessions are priced at £40.

Call Wendy on 07940 885436 to arrange a suitable time, as due to the nature of timing involved, it does not appear on the online booking page.