Fertility/Womb Massage

Recently I have learnt a wonderfully relaxing Fertility massage, by Clare Blake who is considered an expect in this field.  Having massaged Pregnant women for over fifteen years and hearing stories of their friends who have struggle with infertility issues,  I felt that supporting women at this vulnerable time was something that I needed to do.

Using a holistic approach, the sessions will cover emotional and spiritual elements but I will be totally guided by your individual needs.  We will work together and learn from one another.  Using natural fertility charts to document your fertile days, which will give you the best chance of conceiving, together with a deeply relaxing massage, using massage, pulsing, rocking (with a robozo scarf) and acupressure. This massage will support and guide you and information will be given about the use of Castor Oil and you will be also taught self abdominal massage all of which you can use between treatments in the privacy of your own home. See video at the bottom of this page.

Fertility Massage can also help with the following: Heavy, painful or irregular periods, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Polycystic ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Poor Mucus production, Poor Egg health, Digestive complaints, Lower back problems, Emotional Trauma and the Menopause.

As an experience aromatherapist I also offer the use of organic essential oils in your treatment. If you would like to purchase blend, to use at home, then this can be arranged.

There are at least eight hormones involved in conception and the essential oils I recommend have phytohormonal properties, that is plant hormones which imitate our own.  You can also request a massage blend to help male infertility.


I have received 4 abdominal massages from Wendy and I found it the most relaxing and complete treatment I have ever had.  From start to finish the massage feels like a ritual honouring feminine qualities and planting potent seeds for healthy future.

I came to Wendy by recommendation to seek help and find ease in menstrual health challenges. The results were experienced after the very first treatment, the area of focus felt so much more released and alive! Certain aspects of my menses transformed completely and I know I am on the way to a deep and total healing.

As a therapist Wendy is very professional, knowledgeable, caring and supportive. I liked her approach in which she combines her expertise as a midwife with all the not so mainstream disciplines. She seems very invested in helping women heal and it really comes through in the quality of treatment received.

I can’t recommend her enough and will be going back to see her for help with anything that may need addressing.  A, Bristol February 2017

I am an previous client of Wendy’s when I was pregnant with my first child.  Since the birth I have experienced painful and heavy periods.  I had three treatments from Wendy and wow, this was like no massage I’d had before.  I felt emotionally stronger and calm and Wendy was knowledgeable and caring throughout my treatments and my periods were no longer painful after two just treatments and I’m continuing seeing Wendy as I now feel ready to have another baby. K, Bristol February 2017


First session includes a consultation of up to 1/2 hour followed by an hours massage £50

Follow up sessions £40/hour

Call Wendy 07940 885436 to arrange appointment, due to the nature of this massage, with regard to the best time to arrange, it does not appear on the online booking page.