Baby massage course

Baby massage course via live Zoom

Fun and instructive, small group sessions

This is a brilliant short course to help you enjoy positive touch and communication with your baby – from 6-weeks old and onwards.


Bonding between parents and their baby
Relaxing for both parents and their baby
Improves baby’s sleeping and relaxation
Improves circulation
Improves immunity
Can help constipation
Can help reduce incidences of colic and aids digestion
Improves mobility
Improves skin condition
Increasing muscle tone and strength

As part of a small group (maximum four pairs per class), we’ll practice a range of techniques, which together with your detailed instruction booklet, and links to YouTube video demonstrating the techniques learnt. will enable you to give your baby a full body massage at home.

Our baby massage course costs just £40 for 4, sessions – and is held via Zoom each Tuesday 11am until 12noon.

As this course is via Zoom you will need to purchase some coconut Massage oil, and you’ll need a changing mat and towel for you baby, and comfortable clothing for yourself.


To book, please email Wendy or call 07940 885436