‘At Home’ Postnatal Massage

Postnatal aromatherapy massage

To aid your physical and mental recovery

This rejuvenating treatment will help you recover, restoring your pre-pregnancy physiology. Together we can choose whether to use aromatherapy oils or not, according to your specific needs.

I can offer you additional support in a relaxed environment during the session, aiding the recovery process through the relief of stress and trauma, especially if the birth experiences differed from your expectations.

The session will aid your knowledge of abdominal and pelvic floor toning, relieve back and shoulder aches, and improve circulation and lymphatic flow. It may also aid physical recovery and healing from the effects of any strains or medical interventions experienced during birth.

A postnatal massage can be with baby or without. Most women bring their babies and the massage is tailored around you.

An ‘At Home’ postnatal massage costs £65 and can be booked online here