Antenatal Courses

As an experienced and registered Midwife I offer a unique package for your antenatal classes. Which are both holistic in approach, enabling you to receive individualised information and support, to enable you to feel empowered to gain the best care for both yourself, your birth support partner and your baby.

Firstly I offer my Hypnobirthing Class on a one-to-one basis either in your home, useful if you have other children or at my comfortable home in Montpelier. I’m an experienced KG Hypnobirthing teacher and trainer which is the leading brand of Hypnobirthing in the U.K. The twelve hour session can be arranged in 4 sessions or 3 hours each around your diary. See my hypnobirthing page for more information.

Secondly, Spinning Babies Parent Class follows the above course and is one off 2.5 hour class of physiological techniques and goes deeper into how the fascia, muscles and the pelvis aids your babies birth. This is a new paradigm of looking at birth and it’s process and how women can make their birth easier and more comfortable. See my Spinning Babies page for more information.

Putting both this classes together, will totally change your pregnancy and birth experience. As a midwife I strongly believe that. Using the body and the mind connection with hypnobirthing but also practising simple but very effective positional techniques, with my Spinning Babies class, to give your baby space to more and fully understand how your pelvis muscles and bones work to enable your baby to ‘spin’ /rotate through the pelvis make them a must do course.

To book a class please contact me either via email or mobile 07940 885436 so we can arrange your classes.