Antenatal Classes

Importantance of teaching adults antenatal and postnatal courses that are evidentce based and up-todate taught by experienced and passionate teacher in their field, cannot be underestimated.

Whilst maternity services offer free classes they are restricted in how many hours they can offer.  Many offer information from birth onwards, and immediate care of the newborn.  However, it is during your pregnancy that it is important to have an understanding of your body, and the adaptions which are made, and the symptoms/discomfort you may experience which need to addressed as soon as possible.  This can help to prevent anixiety and stress in your mind, which may affect your pregnancy.

I offer not just massages, which I feel should be offered on the NHS, and would prevent many issues but I also offer my knowledge and expertise and up-to-date information and evidence based research.  I keep upto date by attending workshops, webinars, courses every year.  I’m a complete maternity nerd reading some awe inspiring books from fabulous midwives and health professional in their chosen field.

My courses are about your needs and by providing me with information of them, then these will be included in my course.

My Antenatal courses include:

Calm and Confident Hypnobirthing for North Bristol NHS Trust.

My team of eight fabulous midwives won a Silver Award for Excellance from the Chief Midwifery Officer of NHS England Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent for our Hypnobirthing courses.

Group classes of no more than six couples at our venue The Park Centre, Kingswood. Information about this course can be found here

Refresher Hypnobirthing class are tailor made to your needs, for more information please contact me to discuss.


“I wanted to thank yourself and our teacher for putting on such a great course. Her experience and medical knowledge were invaluable and made us feel very prepared for baby no. 2. It was great to have a qualified midwife deliver the course as we didn’t have this on our NCT course with baby no. 1 and upon reflection we feel this has made a huge difference to our understanding of birth. 

 We enjoyed the practice elements of the course too – the hypnobirthing mindfulness scripts, positions for labour etc. So, thank you”

My team of eight fabulous midwives won a Silver Award for Excellance from the Chief Midwifery Officer of NHS England Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent for our Hypnobirthing courses.

Mindful Breastfeeding class

Information about this class can be found here


From Kaz: “We were so pleased to have done the breastfeeding class, it really helped us both, as I did suffer with mastitis and our baby did have a tongue tie. Doing the class gave us the confidence to ask questions and looking through the e-book with links helped us understand the mind-field that it would have been without the course. Amy Brown’s book was a great recommendation too.”

Confident Parenting course

During lock down in 2020, I had lots of time on my hands, and had been asked if we offered a parent course.  We didn’t so I contact some new mums and asked them what they felt would have been useful to know during their pregnancy about looking after themselves as parents and having a baby.  I included all of the suggestion on the course, which has been all been put together in a wonderful ebook, which everyone who books onto our course will receive and will be taught.  It is an inactive session, with practical elements too.

More information can be found here



Feedback from Stephen:My wife and I attended ‘parenting and baby care and wellbeing course’ in preparation for our first child. We found the class hugely beneficial as we were first-time parents with little experience of babies. By attending this course, it really settled our nerves and provided us with some good coping strategies. The group who attended the class was lovely and we have met up with them since. Wendy is a natural trainer and made the class very enjoyable.”

My Postnatal Classes include:

Holistic Sleep Workshop

More information can be found here

Baby Massage course

More information can be found here

If you would like to more information about any of my courses please contact me on 07940 885436.