Due to the Coronavirus I cannot offer any massages for the foreseeable


I help – mums, and mums to be

My name is Wendy Proctor. I’m a qualified NHS midwife and experienced pregnancy massage therapist, based in Bristol.

I’ve been interested in complimentary therapies for almost 20-years. Especially those that enable me to genuinely help women through their pregnancy, into motherhood: Treatments that make a real difference to mum and to baby.

I’ve learnt so many things that are not taught in our formal midwife training – and with Hypnobirthing and Spinning Babies Parent Class I’m able to help reduce instrumental delivered babies, caesarean births and lessen long and painful labours. I’m also qualified to massage women from their first trimester, to labour. This includes clients who may be deemed at higher risk – including diabetes and hypertension.

As well as massage treatments, I offer courses, including the breakthrough Spinning Babies Parent Class, and am a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher.

Once baby has arrived, I practice a wide range of postnatal support treatments, too. And of course some mothers do experience difficult births. And I help them recover physically and mentally, to regain their ‘own self’, even if their experience was some time ago.

Some clients visit for a simple individual treatment, and many choose a series of sessions. And gift vouchers remain a hugely popular, and appreciated gift for friends, family or work colleagues on their journey to motherhood.

My qualifications are with the Association of Physical and Natural Therapies (APNT), in which I hold current membership Federation Holistic Therapies (FHT), and I’m insured with Balens. I’m married and live with my husband and daughter and my family live close by.

I work from my comfortable home in Montpelier, 74 Shaftesbury Avenue, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5LY. I have a convenient on-line booking system. However, if you cannot make the times available, please contact me on 07940 885436. For a ‘at home’ massage there is a additional cost of £15 per treatment.

Phone: 07940 885436 or email proctorw2002@yahoo.co.uk

I very much look forward to hearing from you, and the chance to explain more how I may be able to make a genuine, positive difference for you and your new family.